Image of syracuse postcard three-pack
  • Image of syracuse postcard three-pack

syracuse postcard three-pack


Need a rockin' postcard to send to everyone in your address book, but can't get over the selection of tired, dated photographs that dominate the postcard stand? Here's your solution! This three-pack of postcards contains a trifecta of unique designs:

1. A unique, graphic representation of the city skyline in mailable form.
2. Graphically share a piece o' history with your mom, friends, secret lover, and anyone else when you drop the Salt City postcard in the mail with a handwritten note.
3. A postcard that very precisely pinpoints the location of Syracuse, so the recipient can easily find you for a visit. Or maybe you're just bragging about being in the exact center of the state. Either way, everyone loves to receive mail!

Each postcard is digitally printed and coated to help protect it from the unpredictable elements whilst in the mail. Or, even if you don't decide to mail it, the postcard measures 4x6 inches so you can frame it and put it on display!